Anonymous is not the “liberal terrorist arm of the Democrats”

Posted by on Sep 18, 2008 in philosophy, polemics, politics | No Comments
Comment by Jerry

When are conservatives going to wake up to the real threat that exists against freedom and liberty in this country. It is the enemy within that Lincoln feared. It is Liberal terrorists, their political arm the Democratic Party, their propaganda machine the mainstream media, and their shock troops in Hollywood. If we wait much longer to recognize and engage this enemy within they will take down the country via assaults on energy production and GNP producing businesses, redistribution of wealth to their ingnorant morally bankrupt voting base, and beating down our weak GOP leadership into irrelavancy. The only thing I haven’t figured out is why they want to destroy their own country unless it is so they can rebuild it into something akin to the communism they miss so dearly where they will be the priveleged elite. It took us 30 years to wake up to Jihadists, the country won’t survive 30 more years of liberal assaults.

First, I’m glad this Jerry fellow isn’t my dad. Talk about paranoid. Second, Democrats are not communists. And third, Jerry, I know this will come a great surprise to you in your black and white world view, there are more out there than Republicans and Democrats. I don’t think Anonymous would take kindly to be labeled as Democrats. My guess they are more likely anarchists.

Yes, there are people who want to bring communism to the United States. Those people are not Democrats. I’m sorry Jerry, but you don’t have the monopoly on Capitalism. Have you forgot you’re party has been in power the last 8 years, Jerry?  Its your party, the Republicans, that is “morally bankrupt”. Your party’s ruinous policies have got us to this point.  Democrats don’t want to destroy the country, they want to make it better. And by make it better, they mean for everyone, not just white males.

Jerry, your paranoia is the enemy within you — and within your party. Please open your eyes. You certainly don’t have to vote Democrat, Jerry, but you should at least acknowledge the hipocracy within your own party.