You Liberals

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Found in the CNN comments at McCain aide: New York Times an ‘Obama advocacy¬†organization’

NickNas – September 24th, 2008 12:42 pm ET

All you need to know about Republicans is something called reverse psychology. Everything they say about liberals is really what they think about themselves.

You liberals are all celebrities, yet Ronald and Arnold are their heros.
You liberals are so angry, yet the Republican Party is always turning to violence to solve their problems.
You liberals are so afraid, yet they are too afraid to let go of their guns.
You liberals want bigger government, yet they are the ones to expand the government.
You liberals want a free ride, yet they are the ones looking for corporate bailouts and government contracts for their businesses.
You liberals sin/have no morals, yet they sin/have no morals but it makes it OK since they ask for forgiveness. They don’t actually try to stop sinning though.
You liberals think the government should regulate everything, yet they are the ones who want the government to regulate what a woman should do with her own body.
You liberals are sexist, yet they made sexist comments about Hilary throughout her entire campaign.
You liberals want a messiah, yet Sarah Palin was sent from God.

To add to this:

You liberals are a bunch of elitists, but the Republican Party is better than you.

I’m so tired of the hipocracy. The media is all LIBERAL!!! OMG LIBERALS are ruining the world!! Honestly, I don’t want this hate-filled, rascist, hypocritical “conservative” bullshit anymore. I’m starting to be convinced that the Republican Party really wants Fascism.


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