Snakes avoiding the law!

Friday in Alexandria city, a two-foot snake… completely unidentified, mind you, escaped from custody. It is clear that our law enforcement can not keep these serpents contained. What will the metro DC area do when the pythons invade? We can only hope our Nation’s capitol will be prepared by then.

From the Washington Post:

A two-foot snake of unknown species escaped from custody Friday at the Alexandria city courthouse, authorities said.

No injuries or bites were reported in the incident. Officials said that they would search for the reptile this weekend and that court would be held as usual Monday.

An animal control officer said he was sent to the courthouse on King Street between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m. to deal with a snake.

He said court personnel told him that it had been caught and placed in a box but that it had “evidently slithered through” a space surrounding pipes to reach a lower-level mechanical area.

The officer, Jermaine Fox, said he searched that area but turned up no snake. The species was not clear from the description given, he said.


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