Designing a Game is like Planning a Party

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This blog has been an unfortunate victim of my new game company SieEnt. Livin’ the dream as it were.

As we move through our process of designing and building the game and the company a thought came to my mind. Designing a game is much like planning a party. Like a game, parties are also supposed to be fun.


First what kind of party are we having? A kegger? Black Tie? A celebration around an event, like a birthday or wedding? A murder mystery dinner?
What’s our budget? Who is on the guestlist?

Then once all of that is established, its on to the finer details.

What kind of decor and space will we need? What about the music and lighting? Do we need room to dance? Do people need to sit down? What kind of food and drinks are we serving? Open bar or cash bar? How do we want our guests to interact with one another?

The point of party planning is to create a mood and atmosphere where something can be enjoyed. Details matter.

A large game might be a series of different kinds of parties, strung together.

Come to think about it, really why not approach everything like you’re planning a party? Maybe that will be my new business philosophy.


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