That’s not idealistic. That is Human.

All Apologies I had the great pleasure of attending the IGDA Leadership Forum in San Francisco a few weeks back. It was great. There was a lot of interesting and informative presentations about leadership in the game industry. Especially interesting to me were the presentations of Scott Crabtree, Marc Merrill and Laura Fryer. Managing Your […]


Anonymous is not the “liberal terrorist arm of the Democrats”

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Comment by Jerry September 18th, 2008 at 9:34 am When are conservatives going to wake up to the real threat that exists against freedom and liberty in this country. It is the enemy within that Lincoln feared. It is Liberal terrorists, their political arm the Democratic Party, their propaganda machine the mainstream media, and their […]


Quote from Now I Become Myself

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I think this is a very powerful statement: Look, for example, at the great liberation movements that have served humanity so well — in eastern Europe, Latin America, and South Africa, among women, African Americans, and our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. What we see is simple but often ignored: the movements that transform […]