extendr – making it easier for web stalkers

Posted by on Aug 5, 2009 in Jacque Urick, Search Marketing | 5 Comments

…well web stalkers and reputation managers… I finally got around to updating all of my profiles, when a friend told me about extendr. The cool thing about extendr is that it gives a nifty little tour option for your links. People can explore your world without actually visiting the Web sites. The browser plug-in to […]


Display Advertising: Way Easier than Stealing my Wife.

Posted by on Jun 25, 2009 in internets, Search Marketing | No Comments

Ignoring the fact that this man seems to believe that his wife is his property, this article exemplifies the “fun” of content network and display advertising. I will forever associate his dealership with his stupidity and this frivolous lawsuit. Maybe his new tag line should be: “Way easier than stealing my wife!” Link to original […]


Google Profiles – Yet another profile to maintain?

So I’m playing with the new Google Profiles today. So far seems like yet another profile to maintain. Possibly handy if you have a relatively common name. Probably not handy if you are say, John Smith. If you have a Gmail account, the profile URL can only be customized as your gmail ID name or […]


Of Tea Parties and Content Network Ads

I would love to get my hands on analytics for Web sites that sell tea online just for today, April 15. I noticed this ad while reading a Huffington Post article about the Tea Party in Washington D.C. This is an excellent example of real world events that effect online advertising. The web isn’t a […]