Wrex in an Elevator, Mass Effect 2 and Youtube

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Last July I created the video below. It is my Shepard character from Mass Effect riding in an elevator with Wrex and various other NPCs that are in your party. It is arguably my most popular video on YouTube, at least as far as comments and views go. That said, its no “Chocolate Rain”. Recently, […]



The new Obama administration has set up a transition information Web site in the same vein of the campaign Web site. There is a count down to the inauguration as well as you tube videos, jobs, agenda items, information about appointments and employment opportunities. I’m happy to see that the President-elect is continuing his commitment […]


If it’s Too Loud Turn it Down

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Holy Memes Batman, Its Weezer. I didn’t think it was possible to have moar internets and then Weezer came along and gave me a crap ton of internets. “Pork and Beans” is rockin’. But besides just being a rocking Old-School-like Weezer jam, it is quite possibly one of the most brilliant viral marketing campaigns for […]